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Kai is named from the Chinese word for open , not the undead protagonist in the Lexx science fiction series. It could also pre-package access to some Google properties, even if they are just web apps, because most people want to use them. The fact that we have, essentially, a duopoly in the smartphone business is not for want of trying. Microsoft entered the market with a version of Windows running on ARM-based smartphones and it even made Windows available free on small-screen devices.

However, the lack of apps was a major stumbling block and Microsoft abandoned its challenge, having lost billions of dollars in the attempt. You can still buy Windows phones but most date from and will soon be out of support.

Nokia 6.1 15+ Best Features and Important Tips and Tricks, Nokia 6 2018

Canonical also had a go at the smartphone market with its Linux-based Ubuntu Touch. It failed. In this case, the development was taken over by the UBports Community , which developed a port for the OnePlus One smartphone in Samsung tried with Tizen, which was supported by the Linux Foundation.

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The latest version uses a graphical shell from Jolla , the Finnish company that appears to be its major backer. Whether it can buck the trend remains to be seen. In general, the problem with Linux on smartphones looks much like its problem on PCs. Many and various groups enjoy developing new versions of the operating system, which are all more or less doomed from birth. None of them have the skills, the interests or the money to create viable platforms that include the hardware, apps, services, packaging, marketing, advertising, distribution and support on the sort of scale needed to sustain a real product.

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Without those, they are unlikely to attract much interest beyond hobbyists and enthusiasts. Things may change thanks mainly to the current American president.

Huawei was already developing its own Android app-compatible operating system, currently known as Hongmen OS, as an alternative. Indeed, China has a powerful incentive to replace all the American technology it uses with home-grown alternatives. This may take decades but in the long run, it will hurt Google, Intel, Qualcomm and numerous other US companies. The genie is out of the bottle and the Americans will never be able to put it back. Hongmen, aka Ark OS, may not have a lot of appeal in Europe but it could do well in Asian countries that already do more trade with China than with the US.

It should also enable Android smartphone suppliers to sell phones with alternative versions of Android in Europe, which Google did not allow them to do before.

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A major player such as Samsung or Huawei could therefore test the market with a Google-free Android phone. In which case, you can vote with your wallet. Whatever happens with Apple and Google, people buy smartphones to run apps and most apps appear to be compromising your privacy. A recent Washington Post story based on Disconnect.

Google, of course, banned Disconnect Mobile from its Play store way back in Bottom line: An inexpensive phone will have a lower-end processor, and if you're used to something faster, this may prove frustrating at times. But how quick does a phone really need to be? If I had to describe the Nokia 6's overall performance, I'd say "fast enough.

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I'm kind of terrible at photography; I rely heavily on my phone to make my shots look passable, and the 6S Plus usually does a decent job of that. The Nokia 6 sports a megapixel rear camera to the iPhone's megapixel , but as we all know, megapixels don't tell the full story. Here's the full story: The Nokia's cameras have wider-angle lenses, which I liked, but its sensors often produced blown-out highlights and washed-out colors -- at least in some environments. I shot a random sampling of photos, both indoor and out, with the front and rear cameras.

Verdict: The same photos snapped with my iPhone looked a lot better. Ah, but were they good enough? That's a tougher question to answer. This is a subjective area, so I'm hesitant to say the Nokia 6's cameras are subpar. But I'll definitely say the iPhone 6S Plus produces consistently better photos, at least to my eye. If you want the best possible photos, this is where it pays to pay extra. After a challenging few days, I'm now feeling much more comfortable with the phone. I like the solid aluminum build, but don't particularly care for the sharp corners.

I missed my iPhone's raise-to-wake feature, but then remembered free app Gravity Screen. That's a great example of how much customization is available to Android users. Battery life seems to be quite good, meaning I can easily get through a day of heavy usage without having to find a charger. However, the Nokia 6 takes forever to charge. I honestly didn't realize how quick my iPhone was in comparison.

Neither the Nokia 6 nor iPhone 6S Plus supports wireless charging, and it's not something I'd expect from a cheap phone anyhow. The Galaxy S8 has it, though, and it's rumored that the iPhone 8 will get it, too. As convenient as that would be, fast er charging is more important -- and I'd definitely consider paying extra for quick-charge technology. The Nokia 6 comes with 32GB of internal storage, and I've quickly burned through about half of it. That's always been a big Android plus; I wouldn't buy a model that didn't have an expansion slot.

Your only choice is less-convenient external storage. An unexpected perk: The Nokia worked better in my car. The Nokia does. It's finally coming in iOS 11 -- but not for a couple months yet. Speaking of iOS That update will arrive instantly and globally on compatible iPhones once available. Nokia's hardware licensee, HMD Global, has apparently committed to just two years of updates. But it's also pledged monthly security updates and timely OS upgrades, too.

HMD didn't respond to our request for comment. Will I get Android O within one month of its release?

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Time will tell. Bottom line: Don't expect a low-end phone to offer some of the nicer perks afforded at the high end. To put it in automotive terms, you won't get heated seats, but you can still count on reliable transportation. Can it do so without compromise? Honestly, it gets pretty damn close.


Because I tested just one phone for this experiment, it's hard to make a blanket statement about this. I can't say. I definitely found myself missing the responsiveness of my iPhone 6S Plus, to say nothing of its better cameras.

Of course not. Absolutely not. And there's no question that if I spend a bit more money on an Android phone, I can get a faster processor and better camera. Much as I've loved the iPhone over the years, it's no longer possible to justify such a hefty premium. The same goes for Samsung's similarly overpriced Galaxy phones, by the way. Android may lack some of the polish of iOS, but when it comes to hardware, a budget phone can definitely get the job done.

Android 9 Pie update tracker: What we know so far (Updated July 23)

Maybe I'll have a change of heart once the iPhone 8 or even 9 rolls around, assuming it has a seriously killer feature, but for now I'm pretty confident my next phone will be a very affordable Android model. Now let's hear your feelings on the subject. Hit the comments and tell me all the things I missed, the facts I got wrong, the reasons I'm an idiot and so on. Mostly, I'm eager for feedback from my fellow iPhone lovers: Is it still possible to justify spending that much money when there are significantly cheaper Android alternatives?

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