Can people read my text messages

Google Assistant is useful, but Android has other built-in features you can use to read your texts aloud. One such feature is text-to-speech. However, this feature requires that you use your hands, which makes it a poor option for situations like driving. But people with poor eyesight might find text-to-speech useful. We completed the following steps on a Samsung device running Android 9 Pie.

If so, tap it and skip the next step. Here, you see a list of available Android accessibility options.

Tap any text on your screen that you want the text-to-speech transcriber to read to you. The text you select turns blue and is read aloud to you.

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It also works in other apps, like your email client, web browser, or messaging apps, like WhatsApp. There are third-party apps in the Google Play Store that offer similar features. ReadItToMe , for example, reads out incoming message notifications, including those from your default SMS app and other messaging apps.

It works with all types of devices Android and iOS and can be used on multi-platforms. Click here to download mSpy. All these options will be available for someone who will decide to hack your phone and read your text messages using surveillance applications.


Although all spy apps work in stealth mode and tracking should be secrecy and undetectable, sometimes you can notice some strange things with your device. So if you notice something that you did not perform , then there is an opportunity that another user hacks your smartphone. A student hacked into my sons cell phone on my Remind account.

They changed his name and sent out abounch of Volgar texts messages to all the students.

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It was the remind App and it has a very generic username and my two other children also use the same app and all have the same passwords. I am going to hire a lawyer because it said it came from his account but that is not enough proof that he did it. Plus my son is a good Christian boy and he would never be so volger I know my son he in 12th grade and is applying to many prestigious colleges and he had never had any displunary action and he has great grades. He knows this will play a negative role with him getting into a good college.

A very good article. Mobile phone hacking is becoming much common. It is compulsory to adopt the security strategies to enhance protection. Need to see his texts. I need to see if he has another girlfriend so I can stop the money trail.

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Pin pointing others be their non — illegal mistake is not the issue to, go to! Learn to handle your self in a better, way! Hello my phone i know has been hackec. The other room and my text are beign read outloud by some one else to the very person who has hacked my phone.

I think my abusive ex has been monitoring my phone and txts. I was blaming the guy I went out w for exposing my personal pictures that he has taken of Me out there in social media to hurt me…. I wNt this to stop cyber bulling to me like myself.. Thank u.

Here's how you can stop people from reading your texts

I am new to this whole spy app. I would like to see who he may be texting and or calling. So my question is….. Of course they work sugar. Which is horrible! Love trusts! My very long winded point is sweetheart…….

How To Read Someones Text Messages Without Having Their Phone

Pat S. Like with most things, people want privacy, especially when it comes to their personal text messages.

Is it OK for me to read my kids' text messages on their phones?

No person should have to experience an invasion of privacy like someone sneakily reading their messages. You and the recipient should be the only people allowed to view these texts. So, how do you find out if someone is reading your texts? The easiest way is to see if your cell phone is showing any of the signs below. Well, those links may be for installing text spy software on your cell phone! Sending a link via text is an easy way for someone install spy software or malware on your device. If this happens to you, immediately block the phone number.